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Keep reading to learn how to score one of these!

Keep reading to learn how to score one of these!

Riding for Rescues is part of Running for Rescues, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals around the country. We will reach out to cyclists and non-cyclists alike, to fundraise for us in any event they choose.

How Does It Work

Riding for Rescues, Inc., raises money and gives it to organizations that help animals thrive – nationwide!

Here’s what we’re going to do with the money you raise. We’re going to give it to small, grassroots organizations (that may or may not have 501(c)3 status) which are on the frontlines – people pulling animals out of shelters before they are put to sleep. The cost associated with their efforts can be staggering! Your money might be used for shots, spay/neuter, transport, boarding, or food while the animal is being fostered.

Ever wonder what happened with your $50 donation you sent to the ASPCA or The Humane Society? While these are both great organizations, they are corporate top-heavy. We don’t get paid here. With Riding for Rescues, you’ll actually be able to see how the money that has been raised is spent. We will post pictures of the dogs and cats that we help to rescue with funds that you cycled for.

You can help us:

  • Raise Money
  • Spread the Word
  • Help Animals

Running for Rescues, Inc., is looking for people to Join the Pack – cyclists and non-cyclists alike! We want that non-rider to make a healthy decision in their life and save some shelter pets at the same time. Don’t worry, we’ll help! When you sign up to fundraise for us, We want cyclists to challenge themselves with something new.

Give of yourself for the benefit of a homeless pet.

The great thing about RfR is that you can pick your own event, in your own town, and fundraise for us independently. We’re looking for individuals to take charge of their fundraising campaign by giving them the freedom of making their own event choice. Simply go to, set up your page and let all your friends and family know that YOU are going to put yourself out there and make a difference – all to benefit an animal who would otherwise be euthanized. RfR will provide you with a cycling jersey once you raise $500 that you can wear proudly when you ride!

This is how it works! Save shelter animals nationwide by riding ANY event ANY where

  1. Find a event that you’d like to ride (Make sure you leave yourself enough time to fundraise) and sign up.
  2. Visit the website and click the tab “Individual” at the top of the page.
  3. Enter Running for Rescues as the charity you’d like to fundraise for.
  4. Follow the prompts, design your very own page, then share it with all your friends/enemies/family and ask them to donate to your efforts.
  5. Once you create a page we will receive an email alerting us that we have a new rider.
  6. Please note, there is NO minimum amount required for you to raise – your willingness to try to make a difference is awesome and good karma will be yours.

But if you’d like one of our super awesome cycling jerseys, then just raise $500 and its yours! When you hit $500, send us a quick message with a link to your fundraising page and your size. Sizing guide is here:

If you need assistance setting up your fundraising page, please email your contact information with the best time to reach you and we will be glad to call you and walk you through it.

Find a event! Sign Up Here.

Set Up Your Fundraising Page!


Running for Rescues

Running For Resuce

OK, OK, you don’t want to ride. Can you at least buy a t-shirt or hoodie, then?

If riding is not for you, purchasing apparel helps spread the word and all proceeds are used for Pet rescue operations. Check it out!


Riding for Rescues, Inc., is based in Connecticut yet successfully operates a nationwide pet rescue operation. Read through the following, hopefully it will help you discover how amazing and effective Riding for Rescues, Inc., is and answer your important questions. We welcome you to contact us via email or phone today with you own questions.

Who or What Is Riding for Rescues Inc.?

How Can I Help?

I’ve Never Ridden Before, Can I Still Help?

“Been There, Done That.” So How Do I Inspire People To Donate?

Which Event Do I Have To Ride And When Is It?

Why Should I Fundraise For You Guys?

May I Pick The Organization That I Want “My” Funds To Go?

Sounds Good! I’m In! Now What?

How Donations Help

When you donate, your money goes directly to an animal in need. Your money is used for shots, spay/neuter, transport, boarding or food while the animal is being fostered.

When you raise money for Riding for Rescues, Inc., we spread it out nationwide as needed. We send money to any legitimate organization rescuing animals by removing them from shelters and giving them proper healthcare and shelter. Scenarios vary, some pets need shots, others have injuries, diseases, broken bones and more. We help people helping animals pay vet bills, we also help people fostering a pet to keep it in good condition, which help these pets find forever homes.

Riding For Rescues, Inc., also donates to some GREAT organizations!

Running for Rescues, Inc.Blanketsandbowls ROCKS! They do such great things for shelter pets within driving distance, but Lisa Robin wanted to reach out. She sent packages “down south” and to the animals in need in Puerto Rico! Running for Rescues paid for postage!

Running for Rescues, Inc.Well – we made a blanket donation to CT Animal House because they are SO dang awesome & take SO many dogs. Thank you, guys!