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Running for Rescues, Inc.

Running for Rescues, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals around the country. We will reach out to runners and non-runners alike, to fundraise for us in any race they choose.
Running for Rescues, Inc.

Running for Rescues, Inc.


Running for Rescues, Inc.

Poor Buddy from NC was so frightened in the shelter that staff couldn't assess his behavior and therefore couldn't offer him for adoption. In stepped Buffalo CARES Rescue in NY. The only thing Buddy needed was some jing for a ride. We bought him a $300 ticket for his Freedom Ride and I'm happy to report he's doing terrific in his foster home!


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Running for Rescues, Inc., is proactive, results oriented and legit nationwide resource dedicated to giving all animals in need a chance at a happy and healthy life. As a nonprofit organization, we are devoted to rescuing animals from shelters and we provide financial aid to organizations trying to cover shots, food, vet bills and more. We help foster parents take care of animals in need while waiting for their forever home. We don’t just help dogs and cats, but all animals including horses, birds, ferrets, rabbits..

Running for Rescues, Inc.

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Running for Rescues, Inc., raises money and gives it to organizations that help animals thrive – nationwide!

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